Monday, January 21, 2008


Opening day has finally arrived! We've all been just so excited, and send Hazel heaps and heaps of hugz and lovins! Here is a picture from Darla's lovely shop at opening time. -*whistles innocently*-

Here's lovely Talisman shop, you can get a sneak peek at all the great freebies on the wall there! Jezebele of Jezebele's Party and Mermaid Shop is the lovely lady in the red dress from Gertlicious. Thanks, Jezebel, for all your lovely help getting things just right for Grand Opening!

And last but not least, that's my new shop pictured there. When you come by, don't miss the freebie Gertilicious Valentine Tart Tattoos and a crown for your loved one to wear on Valentine's day!

Everyone be sure to check out all the shops on Talisman island for great new original freebies! -*big huggles*-

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