Thursday, January 17, 2008


So this is my new blog, and my new shop is called "Gertilicious" and my silly, funky, kitschy designs are all "Gertiliciously Yours". I'll be blogging about my shop and my life on the grid, my friends, and all the rest.

About my shop: The grand opening of my new (and first)Second Life shop will be on Monday, January 21st, at 12 am SL time. Ya'll come on down and check out the all new, all fabulous Talisman island, featuring all the best designs by all the best people in SL, including Talisman Designs, Blowpop, Jezebel's Realm, Tutorials 2 Go, Roofus' Torture Kit, Whimsical Threads, Tulin Designs, Shapes by Zada, Woo's!, Dakota's Shapes, Lilith's, Seraphine Model Management, Voo doo Cou, and Tatiana Niven. There's also a great freebie hut for all you newbies and for oldbie alike.

The island opener is set to kick off with a great Valentine's Treasure Hunt, so be sure to take a close look around my new shop and the rest of the island for great free pressies, and don't miss the free items featured in every shop, including mine. There's even a Gertilicious Valentine Crown so you can show your loved one they rule in your heart this Valentine's Day! Don't worry, it's modable so it can stretch to fit the big head they'll get when you pass this lovely crown over on Valentine's Day. -*wink!*-

-*muwah*- -*muwah*- darlings, see you at the opening!

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