Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day two and still bloggin

Well, it's day two and I'm still bloggin. Yay! To someone with a trail of abandoned blogs across the internet such as myself, this is a breakthrough! LOL

For those who've not heard, the Relay for Life sims (that's right, simS) will be opening up March 17 and will include a sale - many at bargin prices - of items from all the best and brightest designers on the Second Life grid. I'd tell you to save those lindens, except my shop and the rest of Talisman's new island will be holding a Grand Opening celebration on Monday, January 21st, beginning at 12 am SLT...soooo....spend spend spend! Especially at Gertilcious! -*wink*-

Everyone come by and say hello to Samantha and Ladi of Tulin Enterprises - don't you agree they are adorable? And just wait til you see all the lovely gagets and avitars and other cute stuff in their shop! Counting down til Monday, January 21st at 12 am is making me smile.

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