Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holidays on the Grid

Hey lads and lasses it's time for holiday joy on the Second Life grid. Below is a list of places with various forms of daily and weekly gifties. It's by no means complete, but it's a start. If anyone knows of any others, leave a slurl with info in the comments. As soon as I can check it out I will add it to a new posting. Many of these shops have other things, like lucky chairs and group gifts year round, too, so be sure to look around for all the goodies!


Loco Pocos also guessing contest

Audacity and Cramz can get the ones from days you missed here

Earthsong Creations

Solo Creations

Simply Ivory

Lions and Butterflies

Fairy Unique Designs

Pacific Heights Shopping also Christmas Midnight Mania

The Age and Country Hotel and Market

Gothic Shop at Night Spirit


Baby Monkey

KOSH also a freebie table

Epic Kidz and Teenz

Sways Must have lucky word from hunt box anyone seen number 08?

AFD Mainstore

ALB Dream Fashion

Damiani Fashion group tag and a linden required, can pick up missed days


DYN Clothing Gift under tree group tag required

Ivalde Gift of the day groups tag required

Wrong Look under both trees and one gift among the many will have a nice treat inside

Elemiah Design and Lingerie buy for $0L under tree


Naughty n nice hidden in shop bags around store

LUCKY ADVENT LETTER ~ one letter per day gets a prize

Orchid Dreams 4th is D

Cirque Ayfera 6th is O


Solange new ornament every other day must search the shop for it but they will be staying until Jan 1


Reghan Hats must have group tag to touch for free top hat with antlers bearing ornaments cwoooot!

Indi Designs has some sort of advent hunt may be over as of the 6th

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